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Handling impossible people

...for the person is the key to the person

„Listen people, Are we the only ones incapable of being human among humans?” (Sándor Sík) 

One of the greatest challenges for leaders is posed by colleagues whose personality, working style or approach to relationships is not simply different, but is in direct conflict with their own. Learning how to handle such employees is not only important for professional reasons. It is also part of the bare necessities in life, as we spend most of our time with our colleagues, and we rely upon them to help us achieve our plans and goals. Moreover, unresolved tension at the workplace often bears down upon our personal and family lives.  


I will help leaders understand and handle difficult people so that they are able to develop a consistent approach towards them and cooperate with them, but at the same time retain their own dignity and allow others to do so as well. This is indeed a supreme test of strength, but whoever succeeds in it shall be the greatest leader of all.