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Perfection – but for how long?

...for the person is the key to inner freedom

„Miracles begin where my abilities have come to an end.” (Emőke Tapolyai)

Let us loosen up a bit! There is a difference between striving for excellence and struggling for perfection. While the former is an attainable, joyous and healthy effort, the latter is an impossible, frustrating and neurotic battle.  

Sometimes venting our inner self is all that we need to discover how we look at ourselves. It also reveals to us the steps, actions and strategies that we have at our disposal so that we can experience our work and relationships to the fullest instead of destroying ourselves and wrecking our relationships in the struggle for perfection.  

I will help leaders discover the difference between a futile and spasmodic struggle and an aspiration for excellence so that they would not become enslaved to their work, but rather fulfill their own dreams.